Costambar Renovated Bathroom

We want to entroduce, with this article, our modern renovated bathroom.
Renovating a room seems a simply thing, but it could become a little complicated without the right skills, and even more complicated if your apartment is in the Dominican Republic. In fact, the lack of knowledge of the majority of the professionals, in the Dominican Republic, could cause bad surprises. The suggestion is to keep always an eye on them.
We started with a project, then we looked for materials and accessories, selected professionals and finally started the work.
During the initial phase of the project, tiles should have been glass tiles and the colors gray and green. Unfortunately, when we started to look for the materials, we had difficult to find glass tiles so we had to opt for ceramic tiles in gray and violet. This is the result:


The reason why we wanted glass tiles is because the glass reflect objects and the room appears bigger. Anyway the ceramic tiles we bought, give almost the same effect because they are gloss tiles.

After that, we changed the toilet bowl, the shower tray as well the sink.
The toilet bowl is an all-in-one dual flush, we bought it at Ceramihogar in Santo Domingo.

The floor-level shower tray has an elegant and modern shower column and a “walk in shower” glass panel.

The shower tray and the glass panel both have been bought at Carabela in Santiago de los Caballeros.

Finally, the Italian branded Catalano ceramic sink, is equipped with led mirror, an ultra modern faucet and a handmade wood top.

Other suppliers are Ochoa for shower column, Baccessory for the sink, La Iberica for the beautiful floor.
What are you waiting for? Enjoy Puerto Plata with our modern renovated bathroom!


Ocean World Adventure Park

FOCEAN WORLD ADVENTURE PARK is, probably, the largest artificial dolphin habitat in the world where people can interact with animals. Guests have the opportunity to touch, pet and feed dolphins, sea lions, sharks, exotic tropical birds and meet iguanas. You walk through a tropical rain forest, slide down waterslides, enjoy an aqua park and much more.
Ocean World is a must-see attraction in the north of the Dominican Republic. It is located just a couple of miles west from Puerto Plata.  A very beautiful adventure park with personal experiences between guests and marine animals. The most important interactive programs are:

  • Royal Swim
  • Dolphin Swim
  • Dolphin Encounter (30 minutes of close contact with dolphins)
  • Sea Lion Encounter (30 minutes to meet and touch them)
  • Sharks Encounter (30 minutes for “only the braves”), animal shows and much more to discover.

Ocean World is even more, it’s also nightlife. Bravissimo Fiesta and Bravissimo Fiesta Premium, every Wednesday and Saturday, are incredible international celebrations with the best of Latin music.
Finally, every Friday and Saturday, Ocean World Bistro is an elegant restaurant and lounge-bar with a wonderful terrace. The ideal place to enjoy cocktails or having dinner with friends. With , hence Ocean World Terrace is a fantastic place to watch beautiful sunsets and spend unforgettable moments.

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