Bike Trails in Guanacaste Costa Rica

List of some routes and suggestions

More and more people are choosing cycling as a feature of their way of life. Many of them become addictive, since the activity combines exercise and enjoyment going out and seeing new places. In case you’re one of the aficionados and want to visit Costa Rica by bike, we have suggestions for you that might be of help.
Below you can find a list of the routes in Guanacaste, all paved and in good condition.

Bagaces-Fortuna-Aguas Claras-Guayabo-Bagaces. Secondary route.
Bagaces-Guayabo-San Jorge-Curubandé-Liberia. Secondary route.
Golfo Papagayo-Playa Panamá-Playa Hermosa-El Coco. Main road.
Nandayure-Hojancha. Primary route.
Cañas-Tilarán. Main road.
Cañas-Bebedero. Secondary route.
Cañas-Upala-Río Celeste. Primary route.

If you need more details about the routes, check this website out

You’re gonna find out different kind of routes separated into the following categories:
Flat routes | Hilly routes | Uphill routes | Downhill routes | Quick rides | Long tours | Top rated routes

Or this one that provides many beautiful maps like this

If you prefer mountain trails, then you can reach the volcano Rincon de la Vieja by bike trhough hidden waterfalls and a dense rain forest.

You go up on the mountainside through the dense rainforest, make a brief stop to cool off in a fascinating waterfall where the pure waters spring from the volcanic rock. Ride through cattle herds in open field, cross rivers, enjoy the incredible view of the green valley and the Pampa.

The volcano downhill is so much fun guaranteed. Not too dificult even for inexperienced.

Safety recommendations

We higly recommend to have the right equipment like gloves, helmet, etc.

Maybe you need to take enough water and food in case there is nowhere on the route where you can buy them.

Keep yourself visible (safety vest, bicycle lights, etc.).

Do not travel alone. It’s better to travel in a group to avoid problems but forming a line one after another.

Check the bike before leaving.  

Maintain a safe distance from vehicles and always be careful.

It could be a good idea having an insurance.

Very soon we’re going to offer to our guests, a bike renting service. Get in touch with us if you want more information and subscribe to stay updated.

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Costambar Renovated Bathroom

We want to entroduce, with this article, our modern renovated bathroom.
Renovating a room seems a simply thing, but it could become a little complicated without the right skills, and even more complicated if your apartment is in the Dominican Republic. In fact, the lack of knowledge of the majority of the professionals, in the Dominican Republic, could cause bad surprises. The suggestion is to keep always an eye on them.
We started with a project, then we looked for materials and accessories, selected professionals and finally started the work.
During the initial phase of the project, tiles should have been glass tiles and the colors gray and green. Unfortunately, when we started to look for the materials, we had difficult to find glass tiles so we had to opt for ceramic tiles in gray and violet. This is the result:


The reason why we wanted glass tiles is because the glass reflect objects and the room appears bigger. Anyway the ceramic tiles we bought, give almost the same effect because they are gloss tiles.

After that, we changed the toilet bowl, the shower tray as well the sink.
The toilet bowl is an all-in-one dual flush, we bought it at Ceramihogar in Santo Domingo.

The floor-level shower tray has an elegant and modern shower column and a “walk in shower” glass panel.

The shower tray and the glass panel both have been bought at Carabela in Santiago de los Caballeros.

Finally, the Italian branded Catalano ceramic sink, is equipped with led mirror, an ultra modern faucet and a handmade wood top.

Other suppliers are Ochoa for shower column, Baccessory for the sink, La Iberica for the beautiful floor.
What are you waiting for? Enjoy Puerto Plata with our modern renovated bathroom!


Laax – Flims – Falera Winter Resort

Laax is one of the most famous ski resorts in the Swiss Alps thanks to the beauty of its slopes.
Flims – Laax – Falera ski area has an extension of 235km and has slopes of all levels of difficulty. The highlight of the ski area, Vorab glacier, reaches an altitude of 3018 m.

Beautiful little town, Laax is a great area to ski with amazing views and slopes from 1100 to 3000m

First of all, let see  how long the Slopes of Flims Laax Falera are, divided for level of difficulty
64 km
70 km
46 km
45 km
235 km

Moreover, we have to add about 11 snowboard parks, over 27 restaurants, huge quantity of trails/cross-country skiing, 10 kids parks and an excellent lift service.

Service from base station Laax
October 27th – November 30th weekend service if enough snow
from December 1st daily service

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for ski slopes or snowboard park and if you’re a solo traveler or a family with children. Laax is definitely a very good location to have fun!
The resort has a great value for money with lots of easy terrain and modern lifts. The quantity and quality of Après-Ski is good as well. Furthermore Laax is designated for children, and this makes it a fantastic location for family. In conclusion, big varieties of slopes, included slopes for advanced skiers, numerous restaurants and guarantee to have great snow, are the strengths of Flims-Laax-Falera Resort.

The single day lift ticket costs about chf 85.00 with discount for teenagers, children and afternoon. You can save more money if you buy your tickets through the INSIDE LAAX app. Renting accessories costs from chf 18 to chf 50, it depends if you need only boots or complete equipment. Of course, the price will be cheaper if you rent for more days.

How to reach Laax from Zürich or from Milan 

Laax is located just 30 minutes from Chur and 1 hour and 45 minutes from Zurich by car.
From Zurich or Basel, follow the A3/A13 motorway towards Chur and exit at Reichenau (no. 18) then take route 19 and you will reach Laax in around 20 minutes. If you’re coming from San Bernardino, also exit at Reichenau (no. 18). You can rent a car directly at the airport for a good price. We’re working to provide some offers.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to drive, Laax shuttle is a good alternative. You can find more information here. Another good alternative is the train. By train, you can reach Chur and from Chur to Laax by bus, Postauto (the famous yellow bus) no. 81
Finally we can also provide a taxi service for a cheap price.

Galaaxy – Crap Sogn Gion 2252 masl

Open Lifts and Slopes at the end of December 2018

1 Naraus – Startgels (Easy)
14 Mutta Rodunda – Grauberg Difficult
15 Mutta Rodunda – Nagens
16 Mutta Rodunda – Scansinas Difficult
16 Mutta Rodunda – Scansinas Intermediate
18 Nagens – Flims Intermediate
19 Grauberg – Nagens Easy
23 Mutta Rodunda – Sogn Martin Easy
25 Nagens – Gallerie Intermediate
4 Spaligna – Flims Easy
40 Crap Masegn – Plaun Intermediate
42 Crest la Siala – Plaun
43 Crest la Siala – Fuorcla Easy
45 Crap Masegn – Treis Palas Intermediate
45 Treis Palas – Alp Dado Easy
47 Crest la Siala – Treis Palas Easy
49 Crest la Siala – Crap Sogn Gion Easy
5 Runcs – Flims Oberdorf Easy
50 Crest la Siala – Alp Dado Easy
50 Crest la Siala – Alp Dado Easy
51 Crest la Siala – Alp Dado Easy
52 Alp Dado – Curnius Easy
52 Crap Lift Tal – Alp Dado Easy
52 Crap Sogn Gion – Crap Lift Tal Easy
53 Curnius – Falera Easy
55 Steilhang – Alp Dado Easy
6 Punt Gronda – Flims Waldhaus Easy
64 Crap Sogn Gion – Curnius Intermediate
64 Curnius – Laax Intermediate
66 Crap Sogn Gion – Plaun Intermediate
Flims (Grauberg)
Flims (Stretg)
Laax (64)
Laax (65)
Alp Dado – Crest la Siala
Crap Masegn
Crap Sogn Gion
Crap Sogn Gion Süd
Ils Plauns I
Ils Plauns II
Larnags 1
Larnags 2
Lavadinas – Fuorcla da Sagogn
Mutta Rodunda
Scansinas – Nagens
Sogn Martin – La Siala
Treis Palas – Crap Masegn
Vorab Gletscher I
Vorab Gletscher II
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Ocean World Adventure Park

FOCEAN WORLD ADVENTURE PARK is, probably, the largest artificial dolphin habitat in the world where people can interact with animals. Guests have the opportunity to touch, pet and feed dolphins, sea lions, sharks, exotic tropical birds and meet iguanas. You walk through a tropical rain forest, slide down waterslides, enjoy an aqua park and much more.
Ocean World is a must-see attraction in the north of the Dominican Republic. It is located just a couple of miles west from Puerto Plata.  A very beautiful adventure park with personal experiences between guests and marine animals. The most important interactive programs are:

  • Royal Swim
  • Dolphin Swim
  • Dolphin Encounter (30 minutes of close contact with dolphins)
  • Sea Lion Encounter (30 minutes to meet and touch them)
  • Sharks Encounter (30 minutes for “only the braves”), animal shows and much more to discover.

Ocean World is even more, it’s also nightlife. Bravissimo Fiesta and Bravissimo Fiesta Premium, every Wednesday and Saturday, are incredible international celebrations with the best of Latin music.
Finally, every Friday and Saturday, Ocean World Bistro is an elegant restaurant and lounge-bar with a wonderful terrace. The ideal place to enjoy cocktails or having dinner with friends. With , hence Ocean World Terrace is a fantastic place to watch beautiful sunsets and spend unforgettable moments.

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From next 15th September, our new studio apartment in Laax will be certainly bookable.

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