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All you need to know about Coronavirus in Costa Rica

In this article we will talk about the situation of the Coronavirus in Costa Rica and in particular in the Guanacaste province.
In addition to talking about the Coronavirus, we will also try to make a detailed description of the province of Guanacaste and in particular the area around Playa del Coco, taking into consideration not just what the tourist attractions are, but also everything related to comfort, safety, therefore relaxation areas, doctors as well as hospitals etc.
The data published by Google regarding the new infected and new cases of deaths in the country and in the province of Guanacaste are as follows. This is the situation, according to Google in August:


As you see, 631 cases confirmed in Guanacaste, that means only 0.17% of the entire population of the province. The government divided the country in area “amarilla” (yellow) and “naranja” (orange).
Orange: It is reported due to accelerated case growth, high hospital occupancy.
Yellow: It is consigned so that the whole country is vigilant since the contagion and the number of cases has the possibility of increasing; average hospital occupancy. Obviously, depending on the zone, whether orange or yellow, the restrictions will be different.
For example, cars allowed to drive in orange cantons are less than the yellow cantons.
Depending of the final number of your plate, in orange areas only 2 numbers per day can circulate, in yellow areas, instead, only 2 numbers per day are not allowed. Access to the beaches only few hours in the morning for orange areas, almost all day for yellow areas. All Guanacaste province, except 3 cantons, at the moment we write this article, is yellow.


Now let’s talk about different things, because in the fight against the Coronavirus, the quality of life is as important as the measurements.

Our cozy apartment in Playa del Coco is on the first floor (or ground floor) which makes it particularly comfortable for senior people. It comes with all comforts, for example, with two very powerful air conditioners, one in the bedroom and one in the living room, with everything you need to cook. To reach the beach just take 2 steps on foot.

In addition, some of the best restaurants in the village are just 2 minutes from the condominium, in the commercial area called Pueblito:
La dolce Vita
Sabor a México

An article about Playa del Coco restaurants will come soon.

In case of need, the host and staff are always available to help, give you advice, and so on. The number of doctors and pharmacies is really high, there is even an emergency room. And the quality of service is what you expect to experience. With 24/7 emergency care, medical care, and dentist with excellent feedbacks. Ground and even air ambulance available. International insurances are accepted. Many could not know, but the country has health care with high quality standard.

Costa Rica is decentralizing its healthcare system after many years of government control by relying upon private clinics and physicians to provide care. According to World Health Organization (WHO) ratings, Costa Rica ranks 37th in overall quality in the world, the United States, which is ranked 38th in health care, falls just below Costa Rica.

Everything in Costa Rica seems designed to give you a feeling of peace and relaxation. It is not a case if it’s also known as the Latin American Switzerland.
Certainly not for the cost of living which, in fact, compared to the USA is at least 25% lower according to Numbeo.com


The main street of Playa del Coco is full of bars, ideal for socializing with tics and foreigners. Among the others there are El Ancla, Bambu Beach Bar, Zi Lounge and Coconutz.

The volcanic area of Rincon de la Vieja, reachable by car, on horseback or walking, is the ideal spot for spa treatments. The thermal waters of Costa Rica are due to a very active geological region that allows rainwater that penetrates the soil to rise, releasing therapeutic minerals. Taking a bath in these places is a panacea for health.

In conclusion, there is no shortage of sports activities. If you like golf, Papagayo Golf & Country Club is just 10 minutes away by car. According to the reviews found on Google, this place should have very fair prices. If you’ve never played golf, why don’t you start now?! It is a fantastic sport that helps you relax while being in touch with nature. If you don’t feel ready, you can always try mini golf. The closest is to Playa Hermosa, also in this case 10 minutes by car, and if you want to learn the rules you can consult this useful website.

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